Trump Campaign Rolls On Amid Controversy, Cancellation, and Criticism

Donald Trump’s unconventional run for the American Presidency has evoked a tide of attention unlike any campaign before it.

By Matthew Pryce, PoliticKING

Being the evocative candidate he is, Donald Trump has engendered a wide array of comments from a wider array of sources.

Everyone from the folks you’d expect, to his own party colleagues, to the Pope himself have chimed in.

Another familiar face – one who typically stays out of American politics - recently entered the fray. Lhamo Dondrub, otherwise known as the 14th Dalai Lama was moved enough to offer some thoughts on the goings on in American politics.

In an interview that aired originally on ABC Politics, the Dalai Lama is pretty clearly referring to Donald Trump’s campaign as cheap.  Given Donald Trump’s brand and political strategy based on glorifying his financial success, the wording is particularly ironic.

This campaign has seen antics unlike any other before it, and they’ve gotten to the point where preliminary events are actually preempting the scheduled rallies.

A Trump event in Chicago was cancelled, and one in Cincinnati was rumored to have been postponed.  The ever chatty candidate personally dispelled those rumors via social media.

Last July, The Dalai Lama sat down with Larry King and elaborated on his message of love, some of his political stances and why he thinks women make good leaders:

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