#OccupyCNN trends globally

Sanders supporters speak out about their frustration with the network as they say Bernie Sanders is not getting fair coverage.

By Bronte Price, PoliticKING

Hundreds of protesters showed up outside CNN in Hollywood on Sunday to protest what they are calling a “Bernie blackout.” Supporters of the Democratic nominee, Bernie Sanders, believe that CNN is being unfairly biased toward Hillary Clinton, as the network’s parent company Time Warner, is a major contributor to her campaign. The local Los Angeles NBC News affiliate reported that around 2,000 Sanders supporters had showed up. They were also protesting, what they believe is too much Trump coverage. Protesters used the hashtags #OccupyCNN and #BernieBlackout to organize their protest.

“Stop showing Trump so much,” a man said while was being interviewed by Periscope user, Sanders Fangirl. “Stick to the issues.”

“There should be fair and equal coverage for all presidential candidates,” another protester told the Periscope user.

Despite his last six consecutive wins, protesters believe that Sanders has been largely ignored by CNN

CNN online, just ran an op-ed from on-air contributor Sally Kohn calling Sanders “this year’s biggest story.” However, much of CNN’s television coverage has reportedly been devoted not to Sanders, but to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. “I used to be a CNN junkie, I used to watch it 24/7,” one protester said during a feed streamed on Periscope. “Now, CNN spends 90 percent of the time covering Trump, and there are so many issues other than Trump arguing or bickering with people.” #OccupyCNN was trending globally on during the day on Sunday.

Here’s  what Clay Aiken has to say about Bernie Sanders’ campaign:

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