Fun Facts with Julie Roehm

Check out these fun facts about Queen Bee judge Julie Roehm!

1) Lived in 12 different states and twice as many cities
2) My first son was born 7 weeks early at 4 lbs 4oz, was in the hospital for 8 days but at almost 16 yrs old now he's 6'3" and 220lbs! Football player!
3) My second son was only 10 days early and is almost 13 years old and he's my trampolinist... Yes, its an Olympic event!
4) My baby is my 8 year old Giant Schnauzer named Isabella. I call her my dog-er☺
5) My husband and I have been married 19 years!


6) My first job was mowing lawns as a teenager.
7) My jobs in high school and college and grad school were waitressing and bartending. I'm a self proclaimed foodie and wine lover... But I doubt it was from waitressing at Skyline Chili in Cincinnati.
8) I LOVE marketing. I have an engineering degree from Purdue University but got my MBA in marketing and love the combination of analytics/science + creativity/art + psychology.
9) I have worked in 3 different industries (automotive, retail, technology) and had the pleasure of running my own business for 5 years as a consultant
10) Now, my dream is to use my corporate, entrepreneurial marketing strategy and communications background to nurture an idea that can make a positive impact on the world.

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