Fun Facts with Lawrence Lenihan

Check out these fun facts about Queen Bee judge Lawrence Lenihan!

1. I grew 20 different kinds of tomatoes and 15 different types of lettuce in my garden this past summer
2. I have been to 49 of 50 states, will do 50th next year in my 50th year.
3. I won an award for my pottery in high school
4. My mom was an early activist in the National Organization of Women and marched for the Equal Rights Amendment in Washington D.C.I spent my childhood having to hear Helen Reddy's "I am Woman" blasted on her stereo several times everyday.
5. My dad was town judge in Chappaqua NY for 35 years.Hillary Clinton swore him in for his last term.


6. I won a harpoon throwing competition in Cape Cod against the local fishermen who were pissed.
7. I am co-founder of a luxury women's apparel brand, Norisol Ferrari with the incredible eponymous designer/founder.
8. I founded the predecessor to FirstMark Capital, Pequot Ventures, 18 years ago next week
9. I am the owner of Crouch & Fitzgerald, a 175 luxury year old leather goods company that was started in NYC.
10. I put myself through college by starting a home improvement company to repair and paint houses.
11. I am co-owner of Goody Coles BBQ, an award winning BBQ joint in New Hampshire run by my co-owner brother, the only redneck ever born in Chappaqua NY.

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