Fun Facts with Tonya Lewis Lee

Check out these fun facts with Queen Bee host Tonya Lewis Lee!

1) I'm a Uva Law grad who practiced law for a couple of years in Washington DC
2) When I was young I wanted to be a singer, but quickly learned that I just didn't have the voice, but I still like to sing
3) I'm a gypsy so I grew up in NY, NJ, Milwaukee and St, Louis, but NY has always been home
4) I hope to be working whether writing, working on a business or producing until I'm well into my 90s
5) I know life is stages and phases so I enjoy this moment and look forward to what life has in store for me with the next


6) I love creating things and collaborating with smart talented visionary people
7) As a former chubby teenager, I have been on a 30 plus year journey of health and wellness and just realized a few years ago that the journey is ever evolving and growing
8) My favorite guilty pleasure is great television and great contemporary literature...think House of Cards, Scandal, anything by Gillian Flynn or Liane Moriarty
9) A glass of wine is a great thing

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