Meet Mo Wilkie

Learn more about the founder of BeltCraft!

1) Grew up just outside of Chicago, went to school there BUT haven't lived there since :)
2) When I first started Beltcraft, you could find me walking down 8th avenue with a suitcase filled with belts and shipping supplies.
3) I had a prior business that failed for inventory reasons (but I learned ALOT!)
4) I've completed an olympic distance triathlon.
5) I'm obsessed with shopping and have too many shoes to count.


6) When I was in 1st grade I would alternate the colors of every piece of my outfit every day (ex: white shoes, pink socks, white leggings, pink shirt, white scrunchie). I still kind of think like this when I dress.
7) I have over 65 FIRST cousins (big Irish family)
8) When I make it big, I'm chartering a plane and taking my friends to an island for a weekend getaway to celebrate... and I won't take "No" for an answer.
9)  recently got a birdie playing golf and my boyfriend wouldn't talk to me for the next 3 holes (first time I played in 10 years!).
10) I used to be an investment banker

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