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Haylie Hearts Venice

Haylie Duff's Real Girls Kitchen

Haylie’s going back to her old stomping grounds: Venice! Haylie Duff goes to Venice First Fridays to get some inspiration for her blog. See Haylie make fresh goat cheese and a rustic pizza!

Recipes in this Episode


2 slices of sourdough

1 Tablespoon fresh herbed goat cheese

1 three finger pinch of spring mix

1 medium sized grilled chicken

1 slice freshly roast bell pepper

1 large basil leaf

Spread the two slices of sourdough with herbed goat cheese

Lay the basil leaf on one side. Top basil leaf with spring mix.

Add the grilled chicken. Top chicken with grilled pepper.

Close sandwich, seal with picks and cut diagonally.


3 pears peeled and sliced in four

1 French baguette, cut in 12 diagonal slices

1/2 cup honey lavender goat cheese

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 cup sugar

1 pat of butter

Olive Oil

A bit of water

Set your oven to 300*F. Line pears on a cookie sheet lined with parchment. Line slices of baguette on another cookie sheet drizzled with olive oil.. Place both sheet in the oven.
2. Bake pears for 8 minutes (until just soft to the touch). Bake baguettes for 10 minutes (until light brown crisp). 
3. While sheets are baking: In a sauce pan heat the water, sugar, cinnamon, and butter until the sugar is dissolved and the mixture is a bit sticky but still runny. 
4. When baguettes are done, spread the Honey Lavender Goat Cheese on each slice. Top with a slice of pear and drizzle with sugar mixture.