5 Easy Ways to Detox This Spring

5 detoxing tips from Haylie Duff's 'The Real Girls Kitchen' & our favorite health bloggers

Spring is in full swing! It’s finally that time of year to do some spring cleaning but also get out of your house, start moving again and wear colors! And what better way to "spring forward" than detoxing your lifestyle? From food to workouts & yes even cleaning we've teamed up with some of our favorite health bloggers to share their top tips for detoxing this spring:

#1 - EAT more Greens!

A no-brainer but so difficult to do! Haylie Duff's latest "The Real Girl's Kitchenepisode #Malibooya features some simple & delicious DIY recipes to get you excited about eating right. The "Herb Skinny Salad" & "Green Smoothie" recipes are just as amazing as they sound - and the best part about it is that they're super simple to make!


Nix the expensive spa day & treat your skin to a simple Avocado, Banana, Honey face-mask that promises to tighten & hydrate tired skin & keep your skin looking refreshed! Oh and did we mention it tastes delicious too? Check out the recipe & how to make in this latest episode of Haylie Duff's 'The Real Girl's Kitchen'

Nothing like a DIY Avocado, Banana & Honey face mask to k... on Twitpic



Cassey Ho, from one of our favorite workout blogs, Blogilates, suggests going outdoors. "Ditch the treadmill and go for an outdoor run! Do sprints from 2 points of interest, like this stop sign to that park bench, then walk until you reach you next point of interest. This stop and go motion burns way more calories than just a steady jog." But if its still too cold out or if you're too crunched for time - check out Cassey’s easy to do anywhere works outs.


Before you start your spring cleaning - detox your home of toxic cleaning products suggests lifestyle blogger Elle Penner. "If you're a DIY'er, Pinterest has tons of recipes for safe, homemade alternatives. But if cleaning with vinegar isn't quite your thing, don't worry! There are a number of safe and environmentally-friendly cleaning products out there to choose from."


It’s time to break out of that black workout clothing rut and wear some color! Christine Bibbo Herr, from NYC Pretty, believes spring is the perfect time to give your workout wardrobe a little upgrade with some color, "Start slowly - experiment with colorful shoes or be bold with patterned pants. New workout clothes = new motivation!"

And if you haven't seen it yet be sure to check out Haylie Duff's "Real Girls Kitchen" episode on the picture perfect detox weekend getaway - Malibu style!

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