Haylie Duff's Brooklyn Restaurant Guide

Looking for a delicious spot in Brooklyn.? We have you covered!

Last season on The Real Girls Kitchen, Haylie Duff brought her crew to check out some of her favorite Brooklyn Hot Spots.Let's look back! 


574 President St, Brooklyn, NY

Anything pickled is awesome - but the secret to Brooklyn Brine is the homegrown goodness that make this so place magical - it made Haylie's list as one of her favorite Brooklyn Spots.

247 S 1st St, Brooklyn, NY

Haylie's favorite scotch egg is from The Rye in Brooklyn.She calls it 'heaven on a plate'.

184 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Haylie loves Martha's because 'it just feels like me- all seasonal foods that taste amazing.' She loves getting inspired by their amazing Chinese Long Beans, Turkish Eggplant, Egg Noodles, Duck Sausage and General Tso Fried Chicken.

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