5 Cooking Hacks You Must Try

WARNING - The recipe for Ketchup Leather will forever change your life...

Haylie taught us some great cooking tips during Season 1 of The Real Girls Kitchen. Simple 'tricks of the trade' can make cooking so much easier. We are in!

Our favorite 5 Cooking Tips & Tricks:

1) How to easily pour honey:

2) Impress your Guests with Haylie's tips on making Ketchup Leather.  Trust us-- they've never seen anything like this!

3) How to cut lemons without seeds:

Here's a few more of our favorites:

4) America Cook's chef, Naomi Pomeroy, suggest salting meat "like snow":

5) Pressed for time? Try one minute pasta from Saveur's Best Cooking Blog, Ideas in Food:

(Image from IdeasinFood)

And be sure to come back for more on Friday, March 27th when 'The Real Girl's Kitchen' Season 2 premieres online on Ora.TV! Here's a sneak peek at what to expect:

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