Trail Mix Recipes

Haylie helps convince her girls, Jessica and Nikki, to go camping with her by her delicious trail mix.

On the week's Real Girls Kitchen,Glamping, Haylie and Jessica Szhor help convince their friend-- non-camper/ "LA Girl" Nikki Erwin-- to go glamping by Haylie's delicious trail mix.  It must have been good to get Nikki to go!

Our favorite thing about trail mix is that it can be made in so many different ways!  We connected with some our of favorite food bloggers to share their takes:

1) Haylie's Trail Mix

2) Angela, from Oh She Glow's Trail Mix Cookies:


3) Katie, from Wellness Mama's Coconut Granola

4)Lauryn, from The Skinny Confidential "40 second" Trail mix:

Have a recipe you love?  Share or link to it in our comments below!

And be sure to check out this week's Real Girls Kitchen for more delicious recipes!

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