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George Carlin's Views on Religion, Atheism (Kelly Carlin Interview Part 2)

More from Ora: George Carlin's Views on Religion, Atheism (Kelly Carlin Interview Part 2)

Dave Rubin on George Carlin, Free Speech, and Political Correctness

The Rubin ReportOct 22 '15

Dave Rubin talks about George Carlin's legacy of free speech and fighting political correctness.


Published on Ora TV on Oct 22, 2015:

My guest this week is Kelly Carlin, daughter of the legendary comedian George Carlin. Kelly is an author and speaker whose work connects many of the dots her fathers life was all about. I've known Kelly for about four years now after connecting with her on Twitter because of how much I admired her dad. We've become great friends -- Kelly has welcomed me into her world and the comedy community she's part of here in LA.

I thought Kelly would be the perfect guest this week, not only because of her new book about growing up as a Carlin, but also because all the issues her father's comedy was about have become the central themes of what we're doing on this show. George Carlin was a relentless defender of free speech, using words and language to push the limits of what society found acceptable at the time. He railed against political correctness like no other comic before or since. He dissected the absurdities of life that ultimately bring us together rather than rip us apart. I can't tell you how often I'm watching some campaign nonsense or some ridiculous politically correct crusade and think, 'man I wish George Carlin was still around to tackle this.'

Not only do I want you to see George Carlin in a new way by sitting down with Kelly, but I also want to use our chat as a living, breathing example of something else that's going on here. As I mentioned, Kelly and I met on Twitter. All I was to her was another person tweeting in 140 characters who had some connection to her father, like millions of other people. But through social media we met, became friends and now share so much of our lives and passions together. To me, that's what's so cool with what's happening here with you guys. The reaction to what we are doing here has gotten to a whole new level. I've been getting emails from literally all over the world, from Denmark to Saudi Arabia to Mexico. We're connecting because of the same ideas that George believed in, which I believe in, and which you believe in.

By the way, that doesn't mean that we agree on everything. Actually in almost every email I get that's heaping praise on me, you guys manage to also tell me something that we disagree on. I love that. That's what it's all about, and its precisely what the far right and the regressive left fear. If the rest of us wake up and realize we can come together despite differences then they can't control us. The authoritarians that exist on both sides want control, and the best way to do that is to keep everyone hating on each other. For all the things that Milo Yianopolis and I disagreed on, this is one spot we had total agreement. The rise of the cultural libertarians is here and it contains people from all over the cultural map, from Chris Rock to Bill Maher, from Maajid Nawaz to Sam Harris. If George Carlin was still around I think he would've fit right in there, though would've also been sure to make fun of any group that would've accepted him as part of it.

The point of all this is that every week, actually every day, that I've been doing this show, I see this movement getting stronger. You guys are not only connecting with me but with each other. And now, when I see the usual regressives spout off their nonsense, there is an army of people calling them out on it. That is literally as important as anything I do.

George Carlin's most famous routine was 'The Seven Dirty Words You Can't Say on TV.' We live in a time that is getting dangerously close to The Several Dirty Ideas That You Can't Challenge Publicly.' Let's honor the trailblazers before us like George Carlin by relentlessly challenging and ruthlessly mocking those who would attempt to silence us.

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