6 Ways The Regressive Left Argues

As told by Star Wars.

1. Lying about what you said

You clearly make the distinction between the doctrine of Islam and Muslims as people. They twist what you say into "ALL MUSLIMS!!!"

2. Denying basic facts

You try to explain that even the terrorists themselves say they're doing the attacks because of ideas in a holy book.They tell you that it's all America's fault no matter what the terrorists say.

3. Using an ad hominem attack

They attack your character, rather than attacking the argument directly.

4. Saying new atheists are the real problem

They love making new atheists seem like the bad guy.

5. Accusing you of being offensive
They twist your words and call you a bigot.

6. Claiming they are the victim
They turn the discussion into something about them and are now upset with how you've treated them.

7. Sam Harris is to blame
Their favorite of all tactics. Blaming the author and neuroscientist for somehow tricking millions of people into believing things they otherwise would not.

Thumbnail credit: "Star wars" by alabbob41, is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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