Cara Santa Maria Discusses Science and Atheism

Rubin Report Rewind: Dave Rubin shares his thoughts on past interviews.


Even before we had booked Sam for the first show, I knew I wanted Cara on for the second episode. Cara is a good friend and was one of my most frequent guests on the previous incarnations of The Rubin Report. I often say on the show that she comes in to correct all the science mistakes that I've made since the last time she was on. Though I mainly mean that as a joke, science in and of itself isn't my main focus, so I always love having Cara on.

Cara calls herself a 'Science Communicator' which I think is a really great term. So much of what we talk about in the public sphere is directly related to science, yet at least in America we are so deficient in even the most basic knowledge of it. From climate change to GMO's, we talk about issues obviously rooted in science all the time yet half the time we don't even know what we're talking about. Cara has a really great way of taking these complex issues and making them understandable for people who aren't experts, including me.

Beyond some of the science-related stuff, Cara and I also talked about atheism, which has since become a major topic on the show. At this point I didn't even consider myself an atheist outwardly, rather as a defender of their cause. It was around this point, after talking with Sam and then discussing it more personally with Cara, that my feelings about making a public statement about my beliefs (or lack thereof) seemed like something I had to do.

Cara continues to do great work with her podcast and various TV gigs and hopefully continues to clean up my science messes into 2016 and beyond.

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