Kelly Carlin Discusses Growing Up With Her Father, George Carlin

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Sitting down with Kelly was just an hour of pure joy. Kelly and I connected about five years ago when I was doing my show on SiriusXM. I came across her on Twitter and we quickly became 140 character friends. Kelly's father was the legendary comedian George Carlin and Kelly has honored his legacy while blazing a trail for herself.

As we said in the interview, talking to each other on camera is really just the same as we would do in real life. They say even in the most comfortable setting imaginable the camera has a way of changing things a tiny bit, but what you saw in that interview is truly who we are. While I always am myself in the context of an interview, there's something really nice about having that real, deep connection with the person sitting across from you.

Kelly was promoting her book 'A Carlin Home Companion' which is her life's story growing up with that last name. I had seen Kelly's one-woman show twice, which the book was based on, so knew how personal and true everything she wrote was. We spent a good portion of the interview talking about her dad and his life, but also talked about what he might think of of our politics and social habits today. We also got into the stuff that Kelly and I talk about everyday, from social media and technology to spirituality and the meaning of life.

One thing worth noting in this interview is that I was very aware of how her identity is so intertwined with her dad, yet she is forging an identity of her own. This is what all of us have to do in life, but it's seemingly more complex for children of celebrities, especially someone as universally loved and admired as George. I think we did a nice job of talking about things her dad cared about as well as sharing her unique views on where the world is at. Either way, we'll continue the conversation for the rest of our lives.

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