Ayaan Hirsi Ali Talks About the Regressive Left and Islam

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One of the great things about doing your own show is that you get to talk to people you truly admire. Ayaan is one of those people to me. Her story is incredibly inspiring and really is a testament that you can accomplish anything. That this girl from Sudan would one day grow up to be a beacon of women's rights, free speech, and tolerance is true testament to the human spirit.

I was hoping we could arrange to have Ayaan in studio but she wasn't planning on being in Los Angeles for a few months and I didn't want to miss the chance to talk to her. We talked about her incredible journey from Sudan, her successes in Holland, the murder of her friend Theo Van Gogh, and her life's work here in America. Though I knew her story and her work well, I was struck how clear-minded she was as she talked about freedom and the difference between the collective and the individual. Here was someone who knows what oppression is, who has lived through horrific events and has come out on the other side stronger for it.

Of course we had to also focus on her detractors, most of whom are on the left. This was the interview where I really felt the phrase 'Regressive Left' was picking up steam. It was so obvious to me that this was a person talking about the right things for the right reasons, and here were my guys, the people on the left, attacking and smearing her. It was another one of those moments I realized I was doing the right thing by having these conversations. Like Maajid Nawaz, Ayaan has lived through more persecution than any of these Regressive warriors who sit comfortably in the west and mock them. If they will fearlessly stand up for the truth then we have no excuse not to do the same.

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