Douglas Murray Discusses Syria, ISIS, and Israel

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali isn't an easy act to follow, but Douglas Murray turned out to be the perfect guest to be on the show the week after her. I'd seen many clips of Douglas on YouTube mostly about the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris. I watched Douglas debate Islamists, argue for western values, and take an unwavering stance that there is no 'but' when people are murdered in the name of a cartoon. I really liked his direct and fearless style of speaking and clear moral clarity. It took a little convincing on Twitter but eventually we were able to schedule him.

The other reason I thought Douglas would make for an excellent guest is that he's been described as a neocon. The word 'neocon' is pretty much always used as a pejorative these days and I feel like barely anyone even really understands what it means when they're saying it. (Or accusing someone of being one.) One thing I wanted to clarify with Douglas was not only the definition of the word itself, but also whether it has different meanings for people in the US or the UK.

My main takeaway from the interview with Douglas was his unapologetic world view. As a liberal I always try to put myself in the shoes of the 'other.' Douglas took a moral stand (whether you agree with it or not) and proudly and confidently shares it with the world. A good lesson for us all. If you've got something to say, well say it.

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