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Episode 10: The New American Dream is Gutsy

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Episode 09: The New American Dream is Hacked

Wayward NationOct 29 '14

The team hits Madison, WI and meets Chris Meyer, creator of Hackerspace Sector 67. It’s a co-working community of inventors, tinkerers, hackers…nerds. They embrace the guys and set the challenge of the week: a science fair! They split into teams and spend the next 48 hours working around the clock to create the best projects possible. At the final presentation, all of the projects break (except for Mikey and Ethan’s very scientifically advanced volcano), as the fair ends with all of the creations being torched. It turns out the guys suck at science…but the members of Sector 67 do not, and albeit humbled, they leave proud to have befriended the nerds who will one day help bring our country back to greatness in the fields of math and science.