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Bike Gangs of Haiti

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Episode 12: The New American Dream is a Catalyst

Wayward NationNov 19 '14

The last stop of the trip, or so they think, is when the group arrives in Boston, the birthplace of America. It’s been a few months since the horror of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack, and their last millennial pioneer is a true American Hero, Dr. Natalie Stavas. Natalie sprung to action while running in the marathon with her dad – and as she heard the bomb blasts she ran into harms way and starting saving lives. Natalie out of the blue presents a challenge they never saw coming: that week she’s traveling to Haiti to run a medical clinic, and she playfully dares them to come along. They accept the challenge and days later end up in City Soleil, the poorest ghetto in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. After a week of the most life-changing interactions and working triage for clinics, and helping wherever they can their eagerness and naïveté to make a difference gets them in trouble…