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Episode 11: The New American Dream is Alive

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Episode 10: The New American Dream is Gutsy

Wayward NationNov 05 '14

In Detroit the guys face a more serious challenge. They meet Jackie Zimmerman, creator of Girls With Guts, a support group for young women with IBD and Crohn’s Disease. She has more guts than anyone they have met, and the one thing she has always wanted was the guts to perform as a rock star. The guys work with her to create a rock song, and she puts Ethan and Mikey to the challenge of facing their own insecurities: Ethan has to commit to being a writer and create something from start to finish, and Mikey has to spend a full day completely alone. While the two guys do their best not to go completely insane completing this challenge, the rest of the team helps Jackie and her co-founder Charis Kirk record a… poop-themed… rock song and music video. While the song is less-than platinum-worthy, it is one more insecurity defied by a pair of young women who have conquered it all. To complete the challenge our own seemingly impenetrable pair actually dig deep into their own insecurities and learn that matters of personal strength must be solved independently.