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That Awkward Moment When Your Kid Asks For A

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This 1980s Karate Rap Music Video Is Our New Religion

WTFarkOct 07 '14

The Karate Rap was written and produced in 1986 by David Seeger and Holly Whitstock Seeger, fresh off of post-production of the music video for the Broadway show, “Cats” at TODAY VIDEO INC. This video features the choreography of Michael Scott Gregory, “Mistoffelees” in the Broadway show and all the dancers are from that production, as well. Ironically, at the time, MTV would not even consider putting rap on their cable station since ‘rap’ was looked down upon at the time; it was too new. As the edit process began, David and Holly discovered they were expecting a child; Max, the first of four. In January 2012, the children conspired together and put The Karate Rap up on Sam Seeger youtube channel, ‘samfromglove’. The rest is history.

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