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That Awkward Moment When Your Kid Asks For A

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Video Recorded By 2 Goth Teens In 2009 Goes Viral. It's So Good, It's Almost Satire.

WTFarkSep 27 '14

The actual description for this video from their YouTube page: Uploaded on Jan 2, 2009 This isnt us singin 2 MCR or GC or AFI or Evanescence lol this is just us talking.We decided to make a list of things we like and dont like to celebrate 2009. We Don't Like: 1) preps 2) jocks 3) Haters like gnigged68 and Manson420 4) Davey Havok's new hair! We Like: 1) being goth 2) Edward CUllen!! 3) Twilight 4) new hot topic at the mall 5) MCR 6) AFI: them and MCR saved our lifes 7) support from iFlame406 and SearchForPhil. but, as we say, new years, new tears. crappy new year!!!! ~t@ra and rAvEn AcIdBaTh

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