Biscuits, Gravy, And Butterfingers With Alton Brown

Sadly, we’re not making pie today on 3/14, or as math nerds like to call it – Pi Day. But we are making biscuits! So, close enough. Celebrity chef Alton Brown is famous on his shows for being a science buff – he looks at the chemistry of food to create the best possible versions of your favorites. So it’s no surprise that he takes his wine descriptions pretty seriously, too. Brown took to Bill’s kitchen to whip up his grandma’s biscuits and gravy – and have a few swigs of sparkling.

What’s in Brown’s wine? 3 tablespoons of butter, a crushed up butterfinger bar, an amalfi lemon –peel only -- from the side of the lemon facing south…” you get the idea. Sounds like a perfect pairing for cherry or apple pie, no? 

Check out the full episode below:

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