Say Yum! The Experts Share Their Favorite Pairings With William Shatner

Whether it’s cheese, biscuits or a steak, William Shatner and friends are the experts!

Looking for something new that’s mouthwateringly delicious but not sure who to turn to? Join William Shatner on Brown Bag Wine Tasting to quell those hunger pangs and learn a thing or two about cheese, steaks -- and biscuits & gravy.

William Shatner sits down with Cheesemonger Marnie Clarke to learn the art of cheese making. Marnie owns two cheese shops in Southern California and knows her Gouda from her Swiss. After watching this episode you will be running to the grocery store for some cheese to go with that wine!

From Vegetarian to Butcher, Jered Standing shares his ethical struggles with the consumption of meat. Jered Standing, Head Butcher at Belcampo Meat Co, talks to Shatner about grass fed animals and its effect on the animals biologically.

Biscuits and gravy with celebrity chef Alton Brown? Don't mind if we do. Join the Alton Brown family for Grandma May’s biscuit recipe. Plus, what does the word 'chef' really mean and could a wine taste like both a Butterfinger candy bar and manure at the same time? Find out on this episode of Brown Bag Wine Tasting! 

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