“Speara” Lisa Rollins on the show’s premiere

Filming the television series “Catching Hell” has been an undercurrent of my life since September 2013

By: Lisa Rollins

Lisa from Catching Hell

These are exciting times!  Filming the television series “Catching Hell” has been an undercurrent of my life since September 2013 when I was contacted by the executive producer and subsequently hired by Captain James Butler to work as a commercial spearfisher(wo)man on the F/V Suzy B.  I was a recreational “speara,” turned commercial spearfisherman!

I am confident that that I can speak for cast and crew when I say that we all worked hard doing the job we love in order to create a thrilling and exciting show!!  It was an unforgettable experience working with (and in some cases teaching!) the behind-the-scenes crew all about the profession of commercial spearfishing, and it was an honor to work with all the talented cameramen and women, above and below the surface!!  Without them, all of the fantastic footage would never have been possible.

Now that the premiere of the show is just around the corner, it’s almost hard to believe the time has finally come!  Interestingly, I’m just as excited (and maybe a little nervous!?) about watching myself on television as my friends and family are. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to those closest to me for their neverending support and love.  I hope that everyone who watches the show appreciates the effort, time, and care we put into creating an exciting oceanic docudrama that will keep you coming back each week!

Lisa Rollins from Catching Hell

Lisa Rollins is the female star of “Catching Hell” and a co-founder of Ocean LoveHer, a lifestyle brand and a movement that promotes a bold and courageous YOU! Their mission is to inspire adventure, promote awareness of our world, and encourage self-discovery and thoughtful conversations to inspire a more meaningful, balanced life. Ocean LoveHers are independent, non-conforming, unconventional women who inspire everyone to LIVE and DREAM. www.oceanloveher.com

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