Get to know the Laura Jean Crew

Find out more about the crew aboard the Laura Jean.

The Laura Jean at sunset

The Laura Jean is a 1979 Trophy that gets a walloping 2mpg. It's owned by Captain Rick Cain and manned by his trusty band of divers Chuck Chambliss, Jim Williams and newcomer Jamie Kerns. Rick's wife, Tiena manages the whole crew and tries to keep the boat from going under.

Chuck, 56 and Jim, 38 used to work on Jim's boat.  Both have to get used to their new roles under Captain Rick.  If they can all manage to be team players, the boat will be a success. Jamie, 25, is the greenest of Chuck's crew.  Trouble on land has led Jamie to this dangerous field, and he must learn quickly in order to support his family.

A couple of Q's with the Laura Jean

Rick on the Norma Jean

What's your favorite fish to eat?

Rick: Hog Snapper.

If you could have any other profession what would it be?

Chuck: I would be a trust fund baby.

Rick: Boat building.

After a long day on the boat you go home and...?

Rick: After several long days on the boat...sit on a toilet that doesn't move instead of a bucket.

Scariest moment under water?

Chuck: Running out of air got greedy at 130' shot grouper went to get him used up all my air was out at 100' strangest 30 seconds in my life never will happen again promise.

How would you catch "Jaws" if you had the opportunity?

Rick: A whole chicken with a grenade in it hooked to a steel cable. When I felt a tug I would jerk the cable to pull the pin. Kaboom!

Since your day job is so exhilarating, what else in life gives you that adrenaline rush?

Chuck: Surfing but would like to base jump.

Rick: Riding my Motorcycle on a curvy mountain road.

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