Red Bull Stratos: Watch Felix Baumgartners World Record Jump From His POV

The movie Gravity might be the number one movie in the box office, but this video is REAL LIFE (and you get to watch it without those dorky 3D glasses). Remember the Red Bull Stratos project?

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 10.07.38 AM

Last year, Felix Baumgartner went 24 miles up into the stratosphere, willingly jumped and landed safely back on earth. Yesterday, Red Bull released the full point of view video of the jump in which Baumgartner free fell up to 840 miles per hour.He's the first human to break the sound barrier without any form of engine power.In a special pressurized suit, Baumgartner free fell for about four minutes until he launched his parachute.After months of work, preparation, training and trial jumps, the whole thing lasted about 9 minutes.

At the time, the project was available to live stream on youtube and over 8 million people watched it breaking all kinds of online records.

Watch it again, this time with a new perspective.

You can watch the Red Bull Stratos documentary on Rdio.

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