Black Friday Takes Over Twitter With #WalmartFights

Just as we expected, Black Friday has taken a turn for fights and thanks to social media, there are pictures and videos circulating around the internet to prove it.

Here's one video of a couple of women fighting over a TV. Police quickly break it up but if you watch it, you'll still feel a deep sense of shame.

This fight is just the tip of the iceberg. Apparently Walmart was on the look out for people taking videos and many people were stopped from doing so. There were also fights at Kohl's and various other stores but #KohlsFights just doesn't have the same ring to it.

While the fights are embarrassing and totally unnecessary, we'll admit that the tweets have been somewhat entertaining.

Even though #WalmartFights is trending on twitter, there are plenty of other positive happy hashtags also trending. Like #MentionSomebodyYoureThankfulFor or #SomeoneImThankfulFor or #Thankful.

Have any Thanksgiving regrets? Like maybe you beat someone up on Thanksgiving at a Walmart?

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