Daily ReHash's Favorite Things 2013!

Last week, Oprah released her coveted list of "Favorite Things."The list has everything from mug sweaters, to Ugg boots, to the Galaxy smartphone watch.


If Oprah can have her favorite things, so can we!

First up, the Hi-Call Bluetooth Talking Gloves

The left-hand glove has a speaker in the thumb and a microphone in the pinkie, so all you have to do it hold your hand up to your face and look like a crazy person. All for only $69.


The McRibWhat better stocking stuffer than America's favorite sandwich. They're only around for a limited time so you'd better stock up for the holidays now. Don't worry, they never go bad! (Refrigeration optional)


Tired of listening to the same old Christmas music? This year, fill your home with the soothing sounds of Lohan Holiday, from everybody's 3rd, maybe 4th favorite Lohan, Ali. On sale now in the $1 bin at K-Mart!


Lastly (for now), the Funkybod Muscle Top a.k.a. The Wonderbra for Men! For only £29.99 (that's about $48), you can look like Simon Cowell too!


UPDATE: We found something to add to our Favorite Things! It's the Digital Dudz Ugly Christmas Sweater. It's both creepy and fascinating and definitely ugly.

Besides the "Creeping Santa," other sweater designs include a "Caroling Kitty" and "Crackling Fireplace."

Check back regularly for updates to our Favorite Things!

Watch Jason Statham read from Oprah's List of Favorite Things last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

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