Our Justin Bieber Memories In Honor of the Hashtag #2013BelieberMemories

We've spent a lot of time talking about Justin Bieber this year on Daily ReHash so in honor of his upcoming retirement (fingers crossed) and the hasthag #2013BelieberMemories, here are some of our Bieber memories.

There was that one time he peed in a bucket. It happens, right?

He made lots of new friends in 2013 like Floyd Mayweather.

And of course, Chris Brown aka Breezy, who he wanted to free from rehab.


A lot happened during Justin's tour of Brazil. Like when he was spotted leaving a brothel. #BieberBrothel

*EXCLUSIVE* Justin Bieber tries to go Incognito at a Brazilian Brothel

What about the time he got hit in the face with a water bottle on stage and he stormed off?

Justin also visited China this year. When he made his body guards carry him up the Great Wall, Chinese bloggers called him a "Xiao pi hai" which is a word used to describe Chinese toddlers who wear toilet-training-friendly pants that expose their bare behinds.


Oh and that one time Justin appeared on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis.

Katy Perry beat Justin in number of twitter followers this year. That's tough stuff.

And of course, this tweet:

Aaaahhh, the memories. What are your favorite Justin Bieber memories of 2013?

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