THIS IS BIG...NEWS? At least it appears to be big news. Ok it really shouldn't be big news (or even considered "news") but with Miley acting as crazy as she has been the last month, it's no surprise that there's trouble in twitter paradise. Miley Cyrus unfollowed long time boyfriend/fiancé and brother of Thor, Liam Hemsworth. Liam is supposedly embarrassed by her new music video and the twerking incident at the MTV VMAs. However, he is now allegedly "sexting" Mad Men actress January Jones. Doesn't Liam know that "sexting" is lame and gross (i.e. Anthony Weiner)? But hang on there, we're not defending Miley. If Miley is upset at Liam for "sexting," we have two words for her: Wrecking Ball. And that video's in HD.

Miley unfollows Liam on twitter, he's clearly busy on his phone. What's next? They'll break up on instagram? (Facebook would be thrilled--that $1 billion would finally pay off!)

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