Will Britney Spears Lip Sync In Her Vegas Show?

Over the years, Britney Spears has done a lot of things. She's been married a couple times, had multiple kids, survived several very public meltdowns. She's done just about everything...except the one thing she is known for doing besides wearing this outfit, sing.


And yes, to say she's known for "singing" is being very generous.

Rumor is that Britney Spears will lip-sync her entire much anticipated upcoming Las Vegas show.While folks in Britney's camp say that is completely false, it's not the craziest rumor we've heard this week. (It sounds insane but supposedly reality television is scripted. WHAT?)

A few months ago on Andy Cohen's Bravo show, "Watch What Happens," Eve, female rapper and, nope, that's all we know about her, suggested that Britney Spears didn't sing on her single "Scream and Shout" which would explain why it sounds like she has a British accent in the song.

Think about it this way, does Martha Stewart make EVERY pie she sells?Of course not. She's a brand and her name sells. Lip-syncing or lip singing, Britney fans are so devoted to her, they aren't going to care either way. All Britney has to do is show up in the flesh (a lip-syncing hologram would not be ok) and her true fans will die believing they saw the greatest entertainer who ever lived. Which is crazy talk because we all know that is Cher (who just announced a comeback tour. Surprise! She's alive!).


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