Olympic Athletes Aren't Famous For Their Fashion Sense

The 2014 Olympics games in Sochi, Russia are just around the corner and a few of the teams have revealed their official outfits and boy are they...something.

Russia unveiled their design a few days ago and actually it isn't terrible.


But don't worry, it gets worse.

Check out Norway's curling team. As if curling wasn't funny enough on it's own.


Obviously we're Team USA through and through no matter what. But these sweaters. They look like something Grandma would have sewn together out of a bunch of old smelly blankets. And white sweatpants? If there's a way to make sweatpants MORE unflattering, we did it! (By the way, that old Christmas looking sweater can be yours for only $595.)


Thanks a lot Ralph Lauren!

To see the rest of the USA clothing line, click here.

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