Aaron Paul Takes On Florida Mom In Breaking Bad Toy Controversy

Since a Florida mom successfully got Toys R Us to pull the Breaking Bad action figures from their stores after 8,000 signatures earlier this week, Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul has taken matter into his own hands. In the last 24 hours, he started his own petition to put them back in the store and has, no big deal, a cool 30,000 signatures already. Take that Florida lady! 

We covered the story in our latest episode of The Rehash on Wednesday after Bryan Cranston tweeted his response to the ridiculous woman. 

And while we don't want to say we said it first because that's not the point of this story, we also called out Toys R Us for selling toys like the Barbie which Aaron Paul tweeted probably do more damage. We agree.

You don't want to know what we said about Disney's Ariel, not to mention the new use for LEGOs we came up, oh and of course what you're really teaching your kids if you buy them an Easy BAKE Oven. Wait, yes you do. Watch our show above or here. It'll make you feel better about all of this nonsense. 

Your move Toys R Us. If 8,000 signatures was enough to remove the toys, will 30,000 be enough to bring them back? 

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