"Sexy Olaf" Costume Might Just Ruin Halloween For Everyone

Well folks, our society has reached a new low. By now it's safe to say, we've all pretty much accepted the fact that Halloween has turned into an excuse for girls to wear "sexy" costumes.


But this year, the sexy costume may have gone too far. Introducing the "Sexy Olaf." As in Olaf, the adorable, lovable, hilarious snowman from the movie "Frozen."

Sorry kids, your childhood is no longer safe. But don't worry, it gets worse. The website, Yandy.com, known for it's scank-tastic costumes has already sold out of it! However, the site does offer a selection of other inappropriate sexy costumes including a "Sexy Minion" from the movie "Despicable Me."

We've been following the reaction to the "Sexy Olaf" costume on twitter and have convinced ourselves that all of the following tweets MUST be sarcastic.

But what we've really learned from all of this "Sexy Olaf" hype is this.

Anything is possible, you guys. Since the movie came out last year and blew our minds, everyone has been trying to capitalize on it's success. ABC's show, "Once Upon A Time" already included Elsa and Anna in this new season and to be honest, it feels a little (and by little we mean A LOT) desperate. Watch now for more.

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