Fall Is A Weird Time Of Year: Here Are 7 Reasons Why

When it comes down to it, Fall is that awkward time of year that's tucked in-between the freedom of summer and the gloriousness that is the Holiday season. 

1. The fall can't decide if it's cold or hot. It's confusing! It's freezing in the morning so you break out the Uggs in excitement but by the afternoon realize it was a terrible mistake. 

2. People have contests to see who grew the biggest squash. But like, why?

3. Columbus Day is awkward. Some people have the day off from work. Others don't. And then there's the whole small pox thing. 

4. Everything is pumpkin flavored. Everything.

5. Christmas starts to creep into fall earlier and earlier. (Kmart already released a Christmas ad.)

6. Halloween becomes more complicated. You're not a kid, you don't have kids and sexy costumes aren't really your thing. What are you supposed to do? 

7. Fall means new TV! But there's a good chance that one new show you really liked already got cancelled. 

Meanwhile in TV land, what are you watching this fall? We've got a few suggestions for you.

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