Alec Baldwin Is Quitting?

In an essay for New York Magazine, Alec Baldwin says he's giving up on the business and moving to California. Los Angeles is a GREAT place to retire in hopes to stay out of the public eye. But we digress. Let's read what Baldwin has to say.


"I loathe and despise the media in a way I did not think possible," says Baldwin. His animosity for the media isn't surprising. However, Baldwin has given everyone plenty of material to work with. Baldwin lost his show on MSNBC for some on air outbursts, chased down and cursed out a TMZ photographer and was caught on camera using a gay slur. Oh and remember what he called his daughter a "rude thoughtless pig?" Don't even get Baldwin started on Words with Friends. More recently, Baldwin was in the news for his bad working relationship with Shia Labeouf, who also announced (with a paper bag on his head that said "I am not famous anymore") that he was leaving the limelight.

But let's get real, is Alec REALLY leaving fame behind?

What do you think about Alec Baldwin's essay? In a recent episode of Daily Rehash, we talked about Shia LaBeouf's latest antics and created "Shia LaBeouf's 7 Steps to Total Hipster Douchebaggery." Watch it now.

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