Last Night's Bachelor Was So...ZZZZZZZZZZ

Last week, the Bachelor's preview suggested that there was SO much drama to cover, the upcoming episodes were cut into two parts airing back to back nights. Maybe the producers saved ALL the drama for tonight's episode because last night all they did was over promise and under deliver.

Last night, Bachelor Juan Pablo visited the hometowns of the four remaining contestants. Each girl was "so excited" and "so nervous" to introduce him to their families. The episode started with Nikki who lives in Kansas City.

Nikki's family invited Juan Pablo over to their home for dinner that no one touched. We're not sure the food was even real. A few minutes into the "meal," after we found out that Juan Pablo flew to Seoul in first class while the rest of the contestants were stuck in coach (hilarious) Nikki's mom stole her away to lecture her on the importance of dying one's roots regularly. Just kidding. Instead it was a "sincere" and "heartfelt" talk about her relationship in which Nikki confessed that she's in love and ready for marriage. BORING.

Nikki hair dye

Up next was Andi who took Juan Pablo to Atlanta, Georgia to meet her parents. But first, Andi took Juan Pablo to shoot some guns. Apparently in an earlier episode, Juan Pablo made Andi dance, which she is terrible at, so this was her way of getting him back. BURN?

Andi and her Guns

Andi's dad, Hy, immediately disapproved of the entire situation which means, of all the parents on last night's episode, he clearly loves his daughter the most. We can't wait until he finds out she posed naked in a photo shoot with Juan Pablo for charity.

Andi Dad Says No

Knowing the extent of Juan Pablo's grasp of the english language, how confused do you think he was that Andi's Dad's name is Hy?

After Georgia, Juan Pablo went to Sarasota, Florida to see Renee and meet her son Ben. Renee appears to have the most sincere feelings for Juan Pablo so it was pretty clear this was the end of the road for her.

This isn't the first time we've noticed it but Juan Pablo is really into touching faces. It needs to stop.

Renee face touch 1

Renee face touch 2

Lastly, we got to meet Clare's family. Clare has been a frontrunner the entire season. She's also been the most hated (along with Nikki).

For some reason, Clare's older sister did NOT want Clare to have any alone time with her "Mama." (It's weird when grown people call their parents Daddy and Mama right? Let's all agree on that before we move on.) When Laura finally allowed Clare to talk to her mom "alone" she lurked in the shadows.

claire sister lurking 3

Clare Sister Always WAtching

Clare sister lurking

clare sister lurking 2

May those pictures haunt your dreams.

Tonight, it's rumored that Andi goes home after having a bad experience in the fantasy suite. Yikes.

Hopefully the show will finally deliver the drama they promised.

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