Last Night's Bachelor Finale Was Awful For Everyone

When we say it was awful, we mean it. The things that were said, not said and said privately in a helicopter on last night's Bachelor finale left Chris Harrison and thousands of women across the country shocked. Did anyone feel good about last night's episode? Besides Juan Pablo, of course, who probably woke up this morning and thought, "Nailed it!"

So what happened? Juan Pablo picked Nikki to be his...girlfriend. That's right, no one got engaged on last night's episode but both girls did cry their eyes out.

Why did Clare cry? Well apparently during a private moment on their helicopter ride, Clare asked Juan Pablo how he felt about her to which, according to the twitter-verse because Clare was too embarrassed to repeat it, Juan Pablo replied, "I loved f*@&ing you." She cried and then later forgave him. Then on the day she was potentially going to get engaged, she put on a fancy dress, curled her hair, was forced to ride in a boat to Juan Pablo ruining her hair and then asked to walk through the sand in high heels only to be dumped. She did give him a piece of her mind. (Anyone think it sounded a little rehearsed?)


On her final date with Juan Pablo, Nikki was a mess. She was stressed and uncomfortable because she didn't know if Juan Pablo loved her back. He left her that night in doubt and she bawled her eyes out.

When she arrived to (not) be proposed to, enduring the same boat and sand circumstances as Clare, she pretended to be thrilled with the news that Juan Pablo wanted to keep her around. After professing her love for him, he told her that he really "liked her. A lot."

And somehow through all of this, Nikki managed to do nothing about her roots.

In the After the Final Rose special, Chris Harrison was so obviously irritated, he couldn't even stand to stay on set with Juan Pablo during commercial breaks. It didn't help that Juan Pablo was completely disrespectful to Harrison and accused him of interrupting him several times, even though that wasn't the case.

But the worst part of the it all was knowing that Juan Pablo was a jerk and watching Nikki sit there next to him smiling, acting like everything "ess okay."

There is a silver lining to Juan Pablo's story. Husband's everywhere looked REALLY good compared to him.

Here's to Andi, the next Bachelorette! We called it!

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