Watch Two 70+ Year Old Women Fly On An Airplane For The First Time

Airplane travel is considered normal for most of us but can you imagine living your entire life without ever flying on a plane?  These two women, An (72) and Ria (78) take their first flight in this video and it's amazing! They are hilarious, especially Ria who is definitely the wild one of the pair. It's particularly sweet when An calls her husband after the flight in tears (of happiness).  We're suckers for this kind of thing. If you don't have time for the full 10 minute video, skip ahead to 6:00 when they finally take off. 


The only problem with this video? It's going to be rough when these ladies take their next flight on a commercial airline. The leg room isn't quite like it is on a private jet and forget about the fresh fruit and champagne. 


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