See The Photo Confirming Our Fears: Ben Affleck is REALLY Batman.

When it was announced that Ben Affleck would be the new Batman in the movie Batman vs Superman (or Superman vs Batman--it hasn't been officially announced yet), the world had a hard time accepting it. We'd almost convinced ourselves it wasn't true...until today. 




Today, Zach Snyder, who is directing the new Batman vs Superman movie, released the first photo of the new Batman and Batmobile. According to contributor Mark Hughes, "The suit appears to be the closest thing we’ve seen to the comic book suit before, with a tighter costume fit and a cowl that appears connected to the cloth of his cape." 



Ok, ok, here is the REAL photo.


Ben Affleck As Batman


 Um, is Batman ALWAYS flexing?


The real question is, do Batman aficionados like the new look? 



The movie isn't expected to come out until 2016 which is almost a year later than originally planned. 



A couple of weeks ago, Ben Affleck was in the news after he was kicked out of the Hard Rock Casino for counting cards. Apparently being Batman has gone to his head.



 We want to know what you think about the photo. Send us a tweet @DailyRehash with your thoughts on the new suit and we'll retweet and favorite your tweets! Maybe Ben Affleck will be a cool Batman afterall? 


Since the new Batman movie won't be out until 2016, here are the Top 5 movies you should see this summer. 




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