Tim Howard Is America's New MVP

In today's soccer game against Germany, it seemed like everybody was feeling particularly patriotic. Despite the rain, Germany put up an intense fight but couldn't get past USA goalie, Tim Howard, at the end of the first half.



Earlier in the day, Tim Howard sent out a tweet that prompted everyone else in the US to also bear their testimony of the US team proving that while America may not care all that much about soccer, we still love to win.



Let's get real. Anytime an American athlete uses the phrase #LetsDoThis he or she captures America's imagination and suddenly every American, no matter where they are in the world, feels like they're making history that will be turned into a Hollywood blockbuster and make us want to jump out of our seats singing "God Bless the U.S.A." at the top of our lungs.



Things got dismal during the 2nd half when Germany finally snuck one past Howard.

Meanwhile, in another arena, Ghana and Portugal were tied 1-1 putting everybody on the edge of their seats



When Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo scored against Ghana, America rejoiced! 



In the last few minute of the game, the hashtag that Tim Howard started hours earlier went from #IBelieveWeWillWin to #IBelieveWeWillAdvance.



After a couple of bad calls (in America's opinion) and two near goals, the US ended up losing to Germany 1-0 but still managed to advance (with a lot of help from Portugal). 



It's been a great day for soccer fans in the USA.



And at the end of the day, we owe Tim Howard one epic slow cap. 



Go USA! 




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