What Has Jimmy Kimmel Been Up To?

It's been a while since we've compiled a few of our favorite clips from Jimmy Kimmel Live so we decided to check in and see what he's been up to. Of all the Jimmies in late night TV, he is one of our favorites. 


Earlier this week, Jimmy introduced a new game to the show. It's called, "Don't Talk Into This Mic and Win $10." Most people were really terrible at it.



In honor of tourists flocking to Hollywood this summer, Jimmy's Cousin Sal took to the streets to help Jimmy play, "Foreigner or Not?" which is basically exactly what it sounds like. Jimmy guessed whether or not someone was a foreigner or not based solely on his or her appearance. 



We love it when Jimmy plays Lie Witness News. Since Godzilla recently came out, Jimmy had his team survey Hollywood Boulevard and ask people, "considering Godzilla is based on the true story of the giant lizard attack on Tokyo that killed more than 100,000 people in 1954, do you think it is wrong that Hollywood glamorizes this event for entertainment?" What is wrong with people?




This week Apple revealed a new operating system which has a new feature called "handoff" that would allow people to make calls from their computer through their iphone. To show off, Apple's chief of software Craig Federighi called Dr. Dre. Jimmy has exclusive footage of how the call went down. 



In case you missed it, check out our latest episode of Headline Punchline! This week we talk the Forbes Most Powerful Women list, Sharknado 2 and so much more.



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