Hashtag Wars: Top 10 #BadSummerJobs

We've all had terrible summer jobs at one point or another. Last night, @Midnight asked you to remember those jobs you tried to forget when they started the hashtag #BadSummerJobs. 

Cleaning the vibrating massage chair at Brookstone isn't just bad, it's hazardous. But when you think about it, aren't crappy summer jobs a rite of passage? It's a part of growing up that everyone should experience.  We read through a ton of your tweets and decided that these 10 jobs would be the worst. Here are our Top 10 #BadSummerJobs. 

Summer isn't just about bad jobs. It's also filled with bad television. Like the show Naked and Afraid. Have you seen it? Let us explain why it actually teaches a lot of very important life lessons. 

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