Kim Kardashian Plans To Release Book Of Selfies And There's Nothing We Can Do To Stop It

By this time next year, you will have the opportunity to own a book filled with Kim Kardashian's selfies. That's right. For $19.95 you can buy all of Kim Kardashian's selfies which up until now have been, um, free, haven't they? Good work, everyone! The book is for real AND will be called "Selfish" AND will come out in April 2015 AND will have over 300 selfies AND hopefully all of the amazing text that originally accompanied them. So now Kim Kardashian isn't just a reality-TV-sex-tape star. She's also an author, photographer, model, reality-TV-sex-tape star. 

Twitter is taking the news surprisingly well. Instead of banging their heads repeatedly against the wall, they're taking to twitter to express their feelings. It's much healthier this way. 

Thank you, twitter for saying it better than we could have ourselves.

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