First iPhone 6 Purchased In Perth, Australia Immediately Dropped During TV Interview

Today is a big day for all those nerds camped outside of Apple Stores all over the world waiting to get their hands in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. During a TV interview in Perth, Augstlira, one excited Young Man, who was the first person with the iPhone 6, was excited to show his new booty (#TalkLikeAPirateDay) on TV and bam, he dropped it. The crowd GASPED. It's everyone's worst nightmare. Thankfully, the screen didn't shatter because this is the new iPhone baby! But he looked mortified. 

Katy Perry got in on the iPhone excitement and U2 backlash when she tweeted this on Wednesday.

Honestly, her selfie would #1 on all the charts. Ugh, U2. And if the iPhone 6 isn't fancy enough for you, why not get it dipped in gold?

Are you getting the iPhone 6 today? Send us a pic so we can drool over it.

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