Are We Really Talking About Christmas Already? Too Soon?

Last week, K-Mart released an ad that was NOT a Christmas ad. (Except it was.) 

Each year, as we become more and more obsessed with our phones and twitter followers and lose more and more brain cells to Pumpkin Spice flavored febreze, the Holidays creep up on us! 

K-Mart's non-Christmas Chrismas ad caught us off guard because we're still mad about Halloween candy being on the shelves too early. Every year we stock up on Halloween candy weeks before Halloween and then find ourselves at Target on All Hallow's Eve-Eve restocking because we couldn't control ourselves around those pumpkin shaped Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. 

However none of us are complaining about Pumpkin Spice being released a few weeks early, right ladies? 

How early is too early? Should we start planning for Easter now? ARBOR DAY IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!

100 Days? Everybody calm down. But just a heads up dudes, it's NEVER too early to start planning Valentine's Day. 

Are you ready for Christmas?

The tweets don't lie. Maybe K-Mart's commercial wasn't too soon? BREAK OUT THE PEPPERMINT MOCHA AND 9,000 VERSIONS OF THE SONG LET IT SNOW, WE'RE ONLY 2 1/2 MONTHS 'TIL CHRISTMAS!

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