Wasteland Weekend 2014: Driving at the End of the World, Part 1

Whether you're fleeing from a gang of bandits or picking up a hot date, make sure you have a set of wheels to get around the wasteland.

Posted by Xander Pakzad

After decking yourself out as a survivor and tricking out your desert pad, the next thing you should lay waste to (in a good way) is your ride. While everyone's car ended up looking a little trashed after taking the only bumpy dirt road into the wasteland, only the most dedicated drivers prepped their cars with paint jobs, weapons, and spare body parts of the defeated.

The owners of these cars were very proud of their creations, as they should be, so we were lucky enough to spot two separate parades of these gas-powered monsters.

The first was one of many impromptu cavalcades ripping through the tight dirt streets of the camp. We learned pretty quickly that traffic laws are non-existent here. Pedestrians are the last ones with right-of-way. (We live in Los Angeles, so we were already used to this.) When the cars are this awesome, we're happy to step aside and let them do their thing.

As we wandered around tent city, we snapped photos of any car we ran into. The detailing on these autos is incredible, but they all follow the same formula. Take a cool-looking car, destroy it with the wrath of an angry ex-girlfriend, fix it back up tenfold so it's prepped for war, and then glue on a bunch of random shit you'd find in your parents' attic. In simpler terms, imagine what a car would look like on steroids and you've pretty much got the idea.

Bonus points if you can take a service or government vehicle and give it a terrifying makeover.

You don't have to totally total your ride to make it look like it survived the end of mankind. There are tricks to make your wagon look like it's been through hell without so much as a scratch. The nails on this Pinhead-looking sedan aren't really driven through the body. They're harmlessly attached to the surface with magnets.

Lastly, if you're short on time or money, keep it simple and strap a body to the top of the car.

Or a body part. Whatever you have lying around.

Our part 2 blog on the cars of the wasteland is coming soon as well as footage of Andy and the rest of the DweebCast crew hitching rides in these death traps. Follow us on Twitter @DweebCast and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up-to-date!

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