Wasteland Weekend 2014: Driving at the End of the World, Part 2

In our part 2 blog of Wasteland Weekend's best cars, we put you right in the middle of a parade of monstrous, demonic, weaponized automobiles. And the mild-mannered ladies and gentlemen who drive them.

Posted by Xander Pakzad

On our second day at Wasteland Weekend, we witnessed the official procession of wasteland automobiles around the desert. This is where the drivers really got to show off what their rides can do. Most of these cars are actually dressed up autos from your local dealership. But standing next to them as they rocketed by, dragging diesel-flavored dust storms in their wake, they seemed a lot bigger than they really are. With a few well-placed chains and gun turrets, even last millennium's Corolla can look like it drove right out of Twisted Metal.

Take it from us: driving around the wasteland in a near indestructible custom ride is a total blast. Don't be afraid to get in the spirit and get crafty with your car.

Just make sure you bring extra gasoline.

...and maybe a spare tire or two.

Damn raiders.

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