Marvel Set to Kill Off Wolverine This Fall

Marvel announced they'll kill off Wolverine in September.


The next major superhero to take a dirt nap? Wolverine, everybody!

Entertainment Weekly reports everybody’s favorite mutton-chopped mutant isn’t gonna make it out of September alive.

Yep, another year, another dead superguy. We all know the drill by now. Smart money says it’ll only be temporary, particularly because Logan helps the good folks at Marvel move a metric ASSTON of comic books every year.

Just like Superman, Batman, Captain America and Spider-Man before him...we’re willing to bet Wolverine will stay dead for about a year before they bring him back and shoehorn him into every single X-Men-related book.

And just to be clear, this is Marvel’s main version of the character. Ultimate Wolverine’s been dead since the end of the Ultimatum event.


Still...killing Wolverine ain’t easy. Whatever writer Charles Soule has planned for Logan should be suitably over the top and with Steve McNiven drawing the thing, it should be damn pretty to look at.


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